The Turning Point of the Homo Sapiens

The proportion of physical inactivity of citizens in the EU remains unacceptably high. 42% of EU citizens do not exercise or play sport at all (2017). This might indicate that the message about the importance of sport and physical activity for an individual’s health and wellbeing has still not got through to significant segments of the EU population. More and more Europeans eat unhealthy and suffer chronically from stress. In the past 50 to 70 years, generations of us did not learn about the health & prevention guidelines, that research is giving us now, so it’s time for a knowledge update. Not only for the consumer, but specially for professionals who work with consumers, is healthcare, sports and lifestyle.
The aim of the New Health Program ‘Healthy Lifestyle promotor’ is to provide sports- and lifestyle organizations, professionals, volunteers and consumers with easy to obtain and to understand knowledge and tools to improve physical activity, healthy eating, mental fitness and a healthy lifestyle. We will develop a free consumer lifestyle platform and Healthy Lifestyle promotor Course and e-learning. We will also conduct research on the role and impact Healthy Lifestyle promotor have on behavioral change of the target groups.
 We use the international guidelines for healthy living from the WHO and the latest research on Lifestyle medicine and will translate this information to a healthy living easy to use e-learning and knowledge center. The Healthy Lifestyle promotor can be a sports professional, healthcare professional, teacher, but also a community worker, member of a sport organization or volunteer. New Health provides them with motivation and knowledge about healthy eating, sports, the risks of unhealthy living and the use of doping. We will create and support an European network of Healthy Lifestyle promotors. This way we want it is ensured that the knowledge of WHO and the Health Council about healthy exercise and healthy food, but also the knowledge about Positive health and behavioral change, is known and applied in neighborhoods throughout Europe. 

We are pleased to partner with the New Health Project. We believe Exercise is medicine.
Watch the free videos below:

Chapter 1: Our health, the current situation 

Chapter 2:  Our evolution, 60.000.00 years 

Chapter 3: Our habits, how did we use our body and how did we eat 

Chapter 4: Our history of sports and physical activity 

 Chapter 5: Our industrial revolution and how it made us less active 

 Chapter 6: Our food revolution and where did we lose control

 Chapter 7: Our future and the future of our children

 Chapter 8: Our turning point!

 Chapter 9: Our way to health: The Lifestyle Trilogy